Community Projects

Some of the projects I am most proud of are:

Saving Community Tax Dollars— I’ll work hard to be a good steward of your tax dollars. An example of this work is my efforts for the new Fridley City Hall.  The Fridley City Hall went through their entire process and was approved and scheduled to start construction when at the last minute, there was opposition. The opposition had good language, but it was misleading and would have cost residents millions of dollars, leaving Fridley with an inadequate facility for the fire, police, and residents.  This building did not have accessibility for wheelchairs, lacked the infrastructure to have 21st century technology, and had several police staff working out of closets.I led and organized the community campaign in support of the new City Hall. Our campaign was successful and allowed construction to start on time, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.  

This success has earned me the endorsement of Fridley Mayor, Scott Lund, the entire Fridley City Council, Representative Connie Bernardy and former Senator Barb Goodwin.

Education— I co-founded and organized the group, Fridley TRIP.  Fridley Middle School offers a biannual trip to Washington DC. Many families wanted to participate but struggled financially to send their students. (Fridley has a 65% free and reduced lunch rate population).  I organized and led parents to participate in a year of fundraising activities. At the end of the year, over $10K was raised for these families and a scholarship fund was made for future students.

Mental Health and Addiction— As a board member for Mercy Hospital Foundation, I have been part of community engagement groups to discuss the new and changing services at Unity.  As a board member, I help educate our county about available Mental Health and Addiction services, providing a better understanding and more compassion about mental health issues.  

Financial expertise— I also serve on the Grant Review Committee for the Mercy Hospital Foundation which oversees an annual budget of $2 million a year.  This $2 million is allocated between direct patient care, staff education, capital campaign and community outreach. It has been my job for the last four years to evaluate and make decisions about the most efficient and effective areas to fund.  


2012 – Friend of Youth Leadership Award  for “Innovative Funding Leadership” from The Youth Intervention Programs Assn (YIPA) for my work with the Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-Being. Patty Wetterling won in the Legislative category.

Hops for Hunger II was one of our biggest partnerships in 2014! A craft beer tasting fundraiser for Southern Anoka Community Assistance food shelf. The goal was to raise enough money to buy $100,000 worth of food to feed our neighbors.


Team Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-Being! I helped Mayor Lund of Team Fridley raise $5,000 in for children and their families who need mental health services in our community. From left, to right, Mayor Gary Peterson of Columbia Heights, me, Mayor Scott Lund of Fridley, and Tim Howe of Coon Rapids.




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