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Emann Kahlil

Emann Kahlil

Founder Fridley Farmer’s Market

I met Mandy 3 years ago, she was the first media person to get excited about the Fridley Farmers Market at the Community center, she came to introduce herself and blog about it. She already had some ideas about how I might get connected with the others.  Also, it was so amazing to me the way she cares about the success of that community project. All the positive comments she gave, stayed with me for a long time.

I am supporting Mandy because she has done a great job and we need people like her as leaders to work for us. People can see her deep heart and understand why she wants to serve the public. Mandy didn’t see my color, my clothes, my scarf but she saw my dream. We need Mandy for re-election as Anoka County commissioner!